Best places to buy hardware


People frequently ask me where to find pretty hardware for their own DIY furniture renewals. Here are my favorite places to shop hardware!


While Anthro is a little on the pricier side, they have amazing hardware that can transform a plain piece of furniture with brand new flare. Whether you’re looking for cute bird-knobs or gold-dipped amethysts, you can find truly beautiful hardware here, as long as you are willing to open up your wallet.


World Market has some of the same hardware as Anthropologie, but in general it seems like the prices are a little better, and they don’t carry the most expensive knobs that Anthro does.


While brand new hardware is great for some pieces of furniture, I do like using vintage hardware whenever I can. Old pulls and knobs have a certain beauty and charm to them that cannot be replicated. Etsy has a global marketplace where you can find lovely vintage hardware for a wide variety of prices. Generally you will pay a little more for vintage hardware (if its in good shape!) than on brand new pieces, but their beauty is definitely worth the price.


If you’re willing to do some hunting and you are open-minded to many different styles of hardware, flea markets or “junk shops” are great places to look for antique pulls and knobs. I’ve gotten some fantastic deals at places like the Georgetown Flea, Eastern Market, and other places and stores around the country. Flea market shopping for hardware is perhaps the best way to get a bunch of hardware for very little money, and is definitely the cheapest option on this list. If you’re looking for something very specific, a flea market or junk shop would not be the best place to find hardware…but if you’re feeling lucky and have some time to do some digging, this is a great option.


While the selection at your typical big-box home improvement store isn’t as fun and funky as other home decor / lifestyle stores, if you’re looking for metal hardware at a low price, you will have your pick from hundreds of options.



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